Meet the gals!

Amy + Rachel from Take Your Snapshotz pose for a selfie in front of one of Denver's many downtown murals.

Hi! We’re the faces and women behind Take Your Snapshotz. I’m Rachel on the right and that’s Amy on the left. We both love photography, storytelling and bringing people together.

We’ve been besties for over a decade and have done some crazy stuff together. We live in different parts of the country, but that didn’t stop us from crazy adventures like meeting up in Florida to catch a space shuttle launch. I also once crashed at Amy’s house for five weeks to take a video editing class. And Amy comes to visit me in Denver every chance she can. We’re both notebook and carry bag geeks, and we love Star Trek.

Yep. Besties. 

In 2019, we started Take Your Snapshotz to bring more people together through instant photography. It was born out of our love for storytelling, photography and other people. Our favorite moments are moments like this one when she came out for Outdoor Retailer this week and we had lunch together. Welcome to our blog on Take Your Snapshotz. We’re so glad you stopped by to read a little more about us and the company we’re building together.