Capture your memories in a moment!

We’re your source for Instax camera rentals in Denver!

Instax camera and two photographs. Demonstrates the camera in the rental package and the resulting photos

Instant photos = fun!

Anybody who had an instant camera as a kid knows they’re the bomb. Take a photo, watch it develop, hang it in your favorite place. Try doing that with your phone. 

What’s in a our rentals?

Our rentals provide everything so you can have fun like it’s 1990–and for much cheaper than buying cameras* outright for your event. And you’ll have no worries since we include the camera (duh), film, camera straps and of course, plenty of fresh batteries.

*Most cameras purchases start at $59, plus extra for film and batteries. But our instant camera rentals put all the goodies in your hands for twenty-five bucks a camera. Too cool, right?

Two instant photos showing the fun being had at parties. Our instant camera rentals put memories in your pocket with photos like these.

Yes, batteries are included!

This woman is using an instant camera similar to ones in our instant camera rental packages.

Our camera rentals include:

  • Instax Mini 9 cameras
  • Packs of film with 10 photos per pack*
  • Fresh AA batteries
  • Camera straps
  • 24-hour rental period


*Additional packs of film can be purchased for $10 each. A SnapShotz Team Member must show you how to insert the film before use.

We currently provide daily rentals and events in Denver, CO via our 16th Street Mall location.

Cameras + COVID + Keeping Clean

We believe that everyone should stay safe, healthy and clean! And that’s whether it’s COVID times or other times. So after every rental period, that camera is carefully cleaned and wiped down with disinfecting wipes. We don’t like germs, you don’t like germs…nope. No germs here.

The Instant Camera FAQ

At this time, we offer the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 for our camera rental packages. This camera takes 10 business card sized photos, is easy to use, has multiple settings for different lighting conditions and a selfie mirror.
Each camera shoots ten images. If you’d like to shoot more than ten images per camera, talk to us about purchasing more film at the time of your rental. Unopened film packs can be returned if not used.
Using the camera is as simple as aiming the camera at your subject, checking and adjusting the camera to the suggested light setting, and clicking the shutter. Within seconds, the camera will eject your exposed film for development. It will take about a minute for your film to fully develop.

All of our cameras have handy reminders of how it works on the back of our cameras.

Yes, the camera can shoot indoors, however the sensitivity of the film is limited in low light. This means darker the room, the darker your finished photos.

For best results indoors, we recommend shooting photos no further than 3 feet away from your subject, and in as much light as possible.

Part of the fun of instant photography is the unexpected results of the film. So you can’t take hundreds of photos to get the best one. You only have 10 photos, so every shot needs to count. That’s the exciting challenge of film photography!

Of course! Additional film packs give you 10 additional pictures per pack.
Each pack of film shoots 10 pictures, and we encourage you to use every single one. We cannot offer a refund for unexposed film still left in the camera. But if you purchased extra film at the time of your rental, we can refund you for any unopened film packs.
Instant photography is shooting pictures on film that develops within minutes of taking the picture. So unlike traditional film photography, instant pictures develop in your hand instead of in a lab. And unlike using your phone, you hold a real picture in your hand in minutes.
Absolutely! Reach out to us via our information in the event pricing sheet and we’ll get you booked!

Our standard rental period is 24-hours. However if you have special circumstances that require a longer rental period, talk to us. We may be able to accomodate you. Please email us at smiles (at) takeyoursnapshotz (dot) com to find out more.

Our standard rental periods is for 24-hours. Your cameras must be returned by the same time the following day. If you are unable to return the camera by that time, we will charge you an extra $5 per camera for every half hour past the due time. 

If you would like a multiple day rental, please email us at and we can see if we can accomodate your needs.

Nobody wants to have this happen. Not us, not you. But accidents do happen. That’s why we offer full damage protection in our rental prices. If the camera breaks during your rental, we will take care of it, free of charge to you.

First off, we hope this doesn’t happen. Like, seriously. Don’t steal. But if it does, we’ll charge your card on file $70 and you’ve basically bought a camera. 

If you’re going to be late with your return, let us know ahead of time. Any rental not returned on time will be charged an extra $5 per half hour past the return slot. If there are extenuating circumstances, we can work with you.

We absolutely want you to be 100% happy with your experience! However, we can only provide a refund if you provide us with all the photos taken with your camera.

But, instant cameras are known to sometimes malfunction, so if the photos are clearly improperly exposed due to a malfunction, we will gladly refund your money for that rental.

This is a fully functioning camera. It is NOT a toy.

We DO NOT recommend this camera for children without adult supervision. It contains delicate parts and mechanisms that can be easily damaged with mishandling.

While damages are covered by our rental prices, we expect responsible adults supervising use of the camera by children.

This depends on the size of your group and how many photos you’d like to provide for your guests. For an average party of 20-30 people, a single rental package is enough. We recommend booking 2 packages for a larger group. If your group is over 80, contact us for more information!

We’re more than happy to get you cameras for your group. Please email us at smiles (at) takeyoursnapshotz (dot) com to discuss the size of your group and your needs.