It's time for memories!

Time to let go and have fun this year! Where will you #takeyoursnapshotz in 2021?

Why Instant Cameras?

Instant cameras are fun. Period. Ask anyone who wants to take a picture with one and the answer is always, “ME!” Laughter and smiles abound when you’ve got instant cameras around!

Our rental packages feature the Instax Mini 9, an instant camera taking business card-sized instant photos. It’s super easy. It’s lots of fun. Point, click and smile your way to a great time.

Our cameras are ready for your adventures, fundraisers, weddings, family reunions and any other moment you’re spending with those you love.

Picture of a girl taking a photo with an Instax Mini 9 Camera

What We Include In Our Rentals

Picture of another woman taking a photo with an Instax Mini 9 camera.

Our Cameras Are Fun!

Every Take Your SnapShotz instant camera is easy to use and takes great instant photos! Multiple settings let you adjust for different light conditions and they have a selfie mirror so your can line up you and your friends in the photo perfectly.

Each camera in our packages includes:

  • 24-hour day rental period
  • Film pack with 10 photos*
  • Instax Mini 9 camera
  • Fresh batteries
  • Camera strap and photo holder
  • Damage and breakage insurance included!

*Additional packs of film can be purchased for $10. A SnapShotz Team Member must show you how to insert the film before use.

Download our Package Guide for camera packages and pricing.

We currently provide multiple camera rental packages for events and visitors in Denver and the surrounding area. In the future, we’ll be in downtown offering day rentals for all your adventures around the city!

Frequently Asked Questions

Instant photography is shooting pictures on film that develops within minutes of taking the picture. Unlike traditional film photography, instant pictures develop in your hand instead of in a lab. Unlike using your phone, you hold a picture in your hand in minutes.
Using the camera is as simple as aiming the camera at your subject, checking and adjusting the camera to the suggested light setting, and clicking the shutter. Within seconds, the camera will eject your exposed film for development. It will take about a minute for your film to fully develop.

All of our cameras have handy reminders of how it works on the back of our cameras.
At this time, we offer the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 for our camera rental packages. This camera is easy to use, has multiple settings for different lighting conditions and a selfie mirror.

Yes, the camera can shoot indoors, however picture taking is limited in low light. Please be aware that this function only works on subjects within 3 feet of the camera lens. The darker the room, the darker your finished photos.

For best results indoors, we recommend shooting photos no further than 3 feet away, and in brightly lit rooms.

The basic camera rental gives you 10 individual shots of film (one full film pack). If you’d like to take more than 10, additional film packs can be purchased and inserted.
Of course! Additional film packs give you 10 additional pictures per pack.
Each pack of film shoots 10 pictures, and we encourage you to use every single one. We cannot offer a refund for unexposed film.

Part of the fun of instant photography is the unexpected results of the film. You can’t take hundreds of photos to get the best one. You only have 10 photos, so every shot needs to count. It’s the exciting challenge of film photography.

However, we understand that sometimes things do actually go wrong. If most of your photos are improperly exposed due to camera malfunction, we’ll provide you a new camera free of charge.

If the camera is to be working properly and the improperly exposed photos are due to user error, we cannot offer this option. This includes photographs that are mis-framed, taken too far away or too close to the subject.

All rental packages are for a 24 hour period unless otherwise arranged. At the time of drop-off, you will instructed in how to properly use the cameras. Returns are expected by the same time the following day. Extra fees will be applied if the rental is returned late.

This depends on the size of your group. A single camera rental is perfect for a couple or a small group of friends to share the images and enjoy the day.

However, our camera rental packages start at a minimum of 5 cameras for events. In the future we will provide single camera rentals to visitors in downtown Denver. We apologize that this is not available at this time.

For more information on our available rental packages, please email us at or see our Pricing Information available in the section above.

Our standard rental periods is for 24-hours. Your camera must be returned by the same time the following day. If you are unable to return the camera by that time, we will charge you an extra $5 per camera for every half hour past the due time.

If you’d like a multiple day rental, please email us at and we can accomodate you!
Absolutely! If you’d like more time for a multi-day event, please email us at

We can accomodate most group sizes. Please check our event pricing list in the section above, or email us at

If you don’t see a number that reflects your group, we can provide you a custom quote. Please email us at to discuss your needs.

Absolutely! Matter a fact, we require that all our event rentals be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. However, our camera availability limits how many groups we can accomodate on a single day. We recommend booking your package as soon as possible to ensure a package is available for your date.

We absolutely want you to be 100% happy with your experience! However, we can only provide a refund if you provide us with all the photos taken with your cameras.

If the photos are clearly improperly exposed due to camera malfunction, we will gladly provide you a new camera free of charge.

Nobody wants to have this happen. Not us, not you. But accidents do happen. That’s why we offer full damage protection in our rental prices. If the camera breaks during your rental, we will take care of it, free of charge to you.

This is a fully functioning camera, it is not a toy. We DO NOT recommend this camera for children without adult supervision. It contains delicate parts and mechanisms that can be easily damaged with mishandling.

While damages are covered by our rental prices, we expect responsible and supervised use when use by small children.

Contact Us and Book A Rental Package!

If you're interested in booking a rental package, please include the date of your event. If you would like a quote, please indicate your group size and rental period. If you have a different question, please ask! We look forward to hearing from you!